Monday, November 10, 2014

Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge - Start Date 10/22/2014

I began my Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge on 10/22/2014. Let me say, I have probably tried just about every weight loss plan known to man at one time or another. Sadly, most left me very hungry, with headaches, and overall very irritable. 

I am using the Vi-Shape Shakes. Granted, I have only been on the Challenge for 2 1/2 weeks, but here is what I have noticed:

I am not hungry
I usually forget to eat a snack (that is not normal for me)
I have ENERGY! (This is without any energy supplements)
The shakes taste GOOD
The shakes are Sugar-Free
The shakes are only 90 Calories (lowest cal protein shake I have seen)
The shakes are not gritty
The Vi System is SIMPLE
Vi-Shape is VERY affordable ($99 = 60 Meals!)
Our grocery bill has been cut in HALF!
MOST IMPORTANTLY - I am down 14 lbs already!!!!

If you want to shed some weight quickly, tone up, or add muscle then Visalus is the answer!!!

My husband is already down nearly 20 lbs!!!

I am going to go down on the scales this holiday season!

For more info watch this video to see how it works, then contact me with any 
questions or to join The 90 Day Challenge with us!!!

Or visit our website:

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