Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why Avoid Regular Bread?

Looks like a "healthy" sandwich right? WRONG!

We all know that we need to stay away from sugar, but are you eating "whole grain" bread? Whole wheat bread is high in sugar, higher than some candy bars and sugary sodas, and some scientists have proven that two slices of whole wheat bread will raise your blood sugar levels as high as if you were eating a candy bar.

Why does it take the mainstream media so long after a new study to report health benefits? BECAUSE they would lose all their advertising! I had to sign a waiver when I would be on TV that I won't bash whole grain or cereals.

It's really thing to wrap our mind around. According to the Life Extension article, eating two slices of whole wheat bread is worse than drinking a can of Coke or eating a candy bar. The original 1981 study at the University of Toronto found:
Glycemic Index:
White Bread = 69 
Whole-grain Bread = 72
Wheat Cereal = 67, 
but Table Sugar (sucrose) = 52

That means the Glycemic Index of whole grain bread is higher than that of table sugar, which is also known as sucrose. For you "gluten free" readers out there...rice cakes are listed on the Glycemic Index at 77! This is why when people go "gluten free" and grab a lot of packaged "gluten free" items at the store, they gain weight rather than lose weight.

To read more, check out Oct 2011 issue of Life Extension magazine, "Wheat, the unhealthy whole grain," in the Oct. 2011 issue of Life Extension Magazine, page 82.

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