Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Coconut Flour -- Why Use It?

there are six reasons to give coconut flour a crack.

1. It’s sweet tasting, but contains no fructose (as with all coconut products).
2. It’s great for baking – it gives things a dense texture.
3. But it’s grainless, thus containing no sugary starch nor toxins (phytic acid etc). Which is why it’s the paleo’s “flour” of choice.
4. It’s efficient. It’s the natural byproduct from making coconut milk – the dried coconut meat that’s left over. I like this. It’s using up stuff that would otherwise be chucked.
5. It curbs cravings. It’s rich in protein, fiber and good fat. As well as manganese, which is craving-curber.
6. It’s nourishing, especially for autoimmune disease sufferers: containing lauric acid, a saturated fat that supports the immune system and the thyroid as well as manganese, which also supports the thyroid.

but you need to know this:

1. This stuff is DRY, so don’t substitute with other flours one-for-one: 
1 cup normal flour = about 1/3 cup coconut flour.
2. I read somewhere that when baking with coconut flour,
for every one cup you need to use six beaten eggs + one cup of liquid.
I keep some coconut milk and coconut oil nearby and splash it in to get a batter to the right consistency.
3. It can also be used to coat meat (dredging) or fish. But remember, it does have a “sweet” flavour.
4. It seems to work really well with almond meal when baking – the consistencies balance each other.
5. It needs to be sifted.

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